First General Meeting

Cascina, November 24th to 26th, 2008

Our First General meeting took place at EGO, to consult the agenda and the talk slides click here

To see a collection of the meeting photos click on the following image.

Participants to the 1st ET meeting



Although the first ET general meeting was scheduled in the “Description of Work” document at the end of the first year, we decided to anticipate it at the end of 7th month.
This decision has been taken to merge the first ET general meeting with the last ILIAS-GWA general meeting. ILIAS GWA includes a networking activity (N5) and a Joint Research activity (JR3) of the FP6 project ILIAS. The N5 activity is the environment where the ET proposal has been developed and it contains all the know-how, the scientists and the technological developments necessary to ET to grow-up. In this meeting the heritage of the ILIAS activities has been transferred to the ET project. Click here to visit the web site of the joint meeting, containing all the talk slides. This meeting, organized by EGO, has been really successful with 116 registered participants distributed according the diagram reported in the following diagram.

1st meeting participant country disribution