The ET collaboration, composed by the ET scientists, organised in Research Units, has the duty to  

  • propose, design, realise, install, commission and maintain the Einstein Telescope instrument
  • define, develop, investigate the science of the ET observatory
  • design, develop and maintain the ET computing model and the related software;
  • deliver ET science data, once available, according to the data policy as determined by the ET Council and the Collaboration Board.
  • investigate, elaborate and propose to the Council the ET scientific strategy and future upgrades of the ET observatory

The accomplishment of these tasks is a common goal of the entire Collaboration, to which the individual members contribute according to their skills and resources.

The Collaboration is organised in different bodies:

  • the Executive Board (EB)
  • the Collaboration Board (CB)
  • the Forum of National Representatives
  • Specific Collaboration Boards
    • the Instrument Science Board
    • the Observational Science Board
    • the E-Infrastructure Board
    • the Site Preparation (Characterization) Board
  • Service and Standards Boards and Committees (SSB)

The ET Collaboration by-Laws document is available here.

ET Collaboration Governance