In this page the relevant ET documents are listed with their links:

  • ET conceptual design report CDR (2011)
  • Einstein Telescope: Science Case, Design Study and Feasibility Report ("30 pages" ESFRI document), ET-0028A-20, 2020
  • ET design report update 2020 ("long ESFRI document"), ET-0007A-20, 2020
  • Science Case for the Einstein Telescope, arXiv:1912.02622, 2020
  • ET cost book, ET-0000A-20, 2020
  • Socio-economic impact of the Einstein Telescope - Executive Summary, ET-0001A-20, 2020
    • Einstein Telescope: An assessment of its economic, social and environmental impact in Sardinia, ET-0008A-20, 2020
  • Management structure of the ET Collaboration (Working document), ET-0069A-20, 2020