One of the core tasks of the ET design study team, worked out maily by the WP3, is to provide snapshots of the ongoing analyses of the potential ET sensitivity options. This webpage contains such preliminary, but well documented sensitivity options that evolved from the ET design study activities. Below you can find download links for:

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ET_B sensitivity curve

Download it in pdf format

ET_C sensitivity curve

Download it in pdf format.

ET_C sensitivity curve

Download it in pdf format

Data files

The sensitivity data can be downloaded as ASCII format (*.txt) or Matlab workspace (*.mat):

Curve Model txt file Matlab workspace
ET_B download here download here
ET_C download here download here
ET_D download here download here





Each ET_B and ET_C files contain two data columns representing a frequency vector and the corresponding strain sensitivity as amplitude spectral density; ET_D files contains include one frequency column and three columns for the strain data (ET-D-LF, ET-D-HF and ET-D-sum). The main design parameters considered for each of these sensitivity options can be found in the related documents (see refernce links below). However, it needs to be pointed out that in total a few hundreds of underlying design and material parameters contribute to the projected sensitivity curves. Therefore, please contact Stefan Hild or Andreas Freise for more detailed information.


Reference for ET-B

S. Hild, S. Chelkowski, A. Freise: "Pushing towards the ET sensitivity using 'conventional' technology"


Reference for ET-C

S.Hild, S.Chelkowski, A.Freise, J.Franc, N.Morgado, R.Flaminio and R.DeSalvo: "A Xylophone Configuration for a third Generation Gravitational Wave Detector" CQG 2010, vol. 27, pp015003 (

Reference for ET-D

S.Hild et al., Classical and Quantum Gravity, Volume 28, Issue 9, pp. 094013, 2011 (