Eight research Institutions (European Gravitational Observatory, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Max Planck Gesellschaft zur foerderung der wissenschaften E.V., Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, University of Birmingham, University of Glasgow, Vereniging voor christelijk hoger onderwijs wetenschappelijk onderzoek en patientenzorg, University of Cardiff), five European countries collaborated for three years with the European Commission support, under FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme), to study the feasibility of a new generation of gravitational wave observatory which promises to open a new era of the precision gravitational wave astronomy. Indeed, the Einstein Telescope will be a crucial research infrastructure for the European Research Area (ERA) and will keep the European scientific community on the cutting edge of the research on gravitational wave.

Today the presentation of the conceptual design document to the scientific community in an event, that would be the kick off event for a new phase of the ET enterprise.


Agenda and list of participants available here


Poster of the event available here


ET conceptual design document (pre-release) available here


some pictures of the event available here