The 11th ET symposium is rescheduled from the 30th of November to the 3rd of December 2020. It will be a fully videoconference meeting.

The 11th ET symposium falls in a crucial phase of the Einstein Telescope project. The ET proposal has been submitted the 9th of September 2020 to the “2021 update of the ESFRI roadmap”. The European Strategic Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) roadmap describes the future major research infrastructures in Europe. The Einstein Telescope (ET) is the most ambitious project for a future terrestrial observatory for GWs. A consortium of European countries and of research institutions and universities in Europe has officially submitted the proposal for the realisation of such an infrastructure with the political support of five European countries, Belgium, Poland, Spain and The Netherlands, led by Italy. The European Gravitational Observatory (EGO) in Italy constitutes its transitional headquarters. The ET consortium brings together about 40 research institutions and universities in several European countries, including also France, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Switzerland and United Kingdom.
The aim of the 11th ET symposium will be twice: expose the details of the submitted proposal (the technical, scientific and management achievements related to that crucial milestone will be publically presented), and initiate the first steps for the realisation of the international ET scientific collaboration. A first skeleton of the ET collaboration and organisation will be discussed with the participants and the scientific and technological challenges for the realisation of the Einstein Telescope will be presented.
Because of the COVID-19 constrains, the ET symposium will be fully remote. The connection coordinates will be distributed to the registered participants; participation is open.

Please, visit the 11th Symposium web site here: 

The ET symposium is supported within the aHEAD2020 European Project (GA 871158).