The ET (Einstein Telescope) project aims to the realization of a crucial research infrastructure in Europe: a third generation Gravitational Wave observatory.
ET has been supported as Design Study by the European Commission under the Framework Programme 7 (FP7, Grant Agreement 211743). This phase is concluded and a Conceptual Design Document has been released by the original 8 partners. Currently a new phase is open addressed to the realization of the ET scientific collaboration. This process started at the 9th ET symposium and will conclude with the definition of the rules and bodies of the collaboration. The next step will be the submission of the ET proposal to the 2020 updated of the ESFRI roadmap. If you want to support or participate to this effort, please sign the ET letter of intent

For more information, please contact:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or EGO: European Gravitational Observatory

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