"Because of the international alert on the COVID-19 infection, the ET steering committee discussed the impact of this unexpected situation on the ET symposium organisation. The committee evaluated that the efficiency, the attendance and the success of the symposium could be seriously compromised by the difficulties and obstacles in travelling we are experiencing.
For this reason the steering committee decided to postpone the 11th ET symposium to a new date to be defined when the international situation related to the COVID-19 infection will stabilise. The conference fee will be reimbursed.
We are investigating the possibility to have a 1-day meeting through videoconference."

The 11th ET Symposium is hosted by the LAPP-CNRS laboratories in Annecy, France. The meeting begins the 30th of March, 9am, and ends the day after, 31st of March, at 14:00. The 31st of March afternoon session will be devoted to specific discussions on design issues. Registration and additional information are available in the web page:


The 10th ET symposium will be organised the 11th-12th of April 2019 in Orosei, Sardinia, Italy. The event web site is available here.

The ET Letter of Intent submission procedure doesn't give back a feedback. On output file with the result of the signatures is created every few days at the address:



1st KAGRA-Virgo-3G detectors workshop is organised the 16th of February in Perugia, Italy. This workshop aims to exploit the synergies between the KAGRA detector, realised in Japan underground and adopting cryogenic mirrors, and the ET observatory, having quite similar technologies. The web site of the event is: https://indico.ego-gw.it/event/12/ 

In order to progress with the ET concepts, to prepare the submission of the ESFRI proposal, to strengthen the ET community a series of teleconferences is organised with monthly frequency. The agenda and the documentation can be fond in this wiki page:



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