The goal of the OSB is to define the science case for the Einstein Telescope. This involves studies of different detector configurations, construction of the data analysis platform, exploration of the computational needs for optimum science extraction and the interaction between ET and other GW/non-GW observatories.

The current chairs of the OSB are Marica Brachesi (GSSI-Italy,, Michele Maggiore (University of Geneva - Switzerland, and Ed Porter (APC - France,

The OSB consists of 10 research divisions, each investigating different scientific aspects. The divisions and their chairs are listed below:

  • Fundamental Physics : Chris van den Broeck (, Paolo Pani (, Raphael Porto (
  • Cosmology : Archisman Ghosh (, Angelo Ricciardone (, Mairi Sakellariadou (
  • Population Studies : Giulia Cusin (, Michela Mapelli (, Antonio Riotto (
  • Multimessenger observations : Giancarlo Ghirlanda (, Stephen Smartt (, Susanna Vergani (
  • Synergies with other GW observatories : Nelson Christensen (, Samaya Nissanke (, Bangalore Sathyaprakash (
  • Nuclear Physics : Tim Dietrich (, Tanja Hinderer (, Micaela Oertel (
  • Transient GW sources : Marie-Anne Bizouard (, Enrico Cappellaro (, Pablo Cerda-Duran (
  • Waveforms : Laura Bernard (, Harald Pfeiffer (, Patricia Schmidt (
  • Common Tools : Michal Bejger (, Ik Siong Heng (, Andrea Maselli (
  • Data analysis platform : Chris van den Broeck (, Elena Cuoco (, Tania Regimbau (, John Veitch (

OSB publications

A full list of OSB publications can be found here

Most recent OSB publications

  • Detection and estimation of the cosmic dipole with the Einstein Telescope and Cosmic Explorer; S. Mastrogiovanni, C. Bonvin, G. Cusin, S. Foffa  (arXiv:2209.11658)
  • Gamma rays run on time; Daniel Beltrán-Martínez, Felipe J. Llanes-Estrada and Gloria Tejedor-García (arXiv:2208.02247)
  • Forecasting the detection capabilities of third-generation gravitational-wave detectors using GWFAST; F. Iacovelli, M. Mancarella, S. Foffa, M. Maggiore (arXiv:2207.02771)
  • GWFAST: a Fisher information matrix Python code for third-generation gravitational-wave detectors; F. Iacovelli, M. Mancarella, S. Foffa, M. Maggiore (arXiv:2207.06910)
  • Impact of correlated seismic and correlated Newtonian noise on the Einstein telescope; K. Janssens, G. Boileau, N. Christensen, F. Badaracco, N. van Remortel (arXiv:2206.06809)
  • Impact of ultralight bosonic dark matter on the dynamical bar-mode instability of rotating neutron stars; F. Di Giovanni, N. Sanchis-Gual, D. Guerra, M. Miravet-Tenés, P. Cerdá-Durán, J. Antonio Font (arXiv:2206.00977)
  • Sensitivity of Neutron Star Observations to Three-nucleon Forces; A. Sabatucci, O. Benhar, A. Maselli, C. Pacilio (arXiv:2206.11286)
  • Formulation of an extended null channel formalism for a triangular gravitational wave interferometer configuration in the case of non-identical and correlated noise; K. Janssens, G. Boileau, M.-A. Bizouard, N. Christensen, T. Regimbau, N. van Remortel (arXiv:2205.00416 )
  • GWFish: A simulation software to evaluate parameter-estimation capabilities of gravitational-wave detector networks; J. Harms, U. Dupletsa, B. Baerjee, M. Branchesi, B. Goncharov, A. Maselli, A. Carolina Silva Oliviera, S. Ronchini, J. Tissino (arXiv:2205.02499)
  • Detecting the impact of nuclear reactions on neutron star mergers through gravitational waves; P. Hammond, N. Andersson, I. Hawke (arXiv:2205.11377)
  • Perspectives for multi-messenger astronomy with the next generation of gravitational-wave detectors and high-energy satellites; S. Ronchini, M. Branchesi, G. Oganesyan, B. Banerjee, U. Dupletsa, G. Ghirlanda, J. Harms, M. Mapelli, F. Santoliquido (arXiv:2204.01746)
  • Utilizing the null stream of Einstein Telescope; B. Goncharov, A. Nitz, J. Harms (arXiv:2204.08533)
  • Impact and detectability of spin-tidal couplings in neutron star inspirals; G. Castro, L. Gualtieri, A. Maselli, P. Pani (arXiv:2204.12510)
  • Gravitational waves from accretion-induced descalarization in massive scalar-tensor theory; H.-J. Kuan, A. G. Suvorov, D. D. Doneva,and S. S. Yazadjiev (arXiv:2203.03672)
  • Gravitational radiation from inspiralling compact objects: Spin effects to fourth Post-Newtonian order; G. Cho, R. Porto, Z. Yang (arXiv:2201.05138)
  • The landscape of massive black-hole spectroscopy with LISA and Einstein Telescope; S. Bhagwat, C. Pacilio, E. Barausse, P. Pani (arXiv:2201.00023)