small WP2 f2f at the 6th ET Symposium in Lyon
November 19th, 2014
WP2 teleconOctober 13th, 2014
WP2 teleconSeptember 15th, 2014
WP2 telecon
April 11th, 2014
possible time for the next WP2 telecon, so far undecised February 26th, 2014
WP2 meeting
January 17th, 2014
small WP2 f2f in Glasgow (FSU, Glasgow) on deliverables
December 20th, 2013
WP2 meeting
December 13th, 2013
WP2 meetingSeptember 13th, 2013

CC meeting

August 27th 2013
small WP2 telecon (Glasgow, ICRR) on experimental updates August 19th, 2013
WP2 meetingAugust 09th, 2013
WP2 meetingJuly 20th, 2013
WP1 meetingJuly 5th, 2013
WP2 meetingJune 28th, 2013
CC meetingJune 14th, 2013
WP2 meetingMay 23rd, 2013
WP2, small f2f at GWADW2013 on Elba May 20th, 2013
WP2 meetingMay 3rd, 2013
WP2 meetingApril 5th, 2013
CC meetingJanuary 24th, 2013
WP1-WP2 meeting
December 19th, 2012
WP2 teleconAugust 3rd, 2012
WP1-WP2 meeting
July 20th, 2012
WP2 meeting
June 16th, 2012
WP2 telecon
June 15th, 2012
WP3 meeting
June 1st, 2012
WP1 2nd meeting
May 25th, 2012
WP1 1st meeting
April 13th, 2012
WP coordinator meeting

April 11th, 2012

CC meetingMarch 8th, 2012
CC meeting February 27th, 2012

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