Chairpersons : Federico Ferrini and Michele Punturo

The project is organized in 4 technical working packages, meanwhile the fifth one is dedicated to the management. The internal ET organization is reported in the following diagram:

ET organization from ja. 1st 2010

The Executive Board

The main management body of the project is the executive board, composed by the Project Coordinator, the Scientific Coordinators, the WP coordinators and by three aditional members representing the Virgo and Geo collaborations and the Science Team. The scheme of the EB is reported in the following diagram.

ET Executive Board

The Governing Council

The Governing Council is formed by a representative for each ET beneficiary and it is chaired by the Project Coordinator. The Scientific Coordinator is a permanent member of he GC. The GC is the main link between the project and the institutions participating to ET. The overall information flux in ET is shown in the next graph.

Information flux